Real-Time Website SEO Monitoring to Reduce the Risk of Losing Google Traffic

One glance is enough to evaluate what’s happening with your websites and determine whether something went wrong.

Content monitor and other website monitoring services with push notifications for the loyal price in one place.
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How Sitechecker can help you

SEO analyzer for business owner

Business owners

Protect your online business from losing traffic due to the mistakes of developers, content managers, and marketers. Get notifications when anybody makes on-site changes that are dangerous for SEO.

SEO health checker for digital agency


Demonstrate, to your customers, the updates you have made on the websites. Spend less time monitoring people who are responsible for site content management and on-page SEO.

SEO score checker for In-house digital marketer

In-house marketers

Measure the impact of site content changes on SERP visibility and conversion. Track changes on competitors’ websites 24/7 to learn more about their content marketing tactics.

Why hire Sitechecker for your website monitoring

Get a quick overview of the last changes on the websites

One glance is enough to evaluate what’s happening with your sites and to decide if something went wrong. Track site uptime and downtime and learn about added and deleted pages.

24/7 website infrastructure monitoring including speed monitoring, multiple locations settings, etc. Web app for downtime/uptime monitoring, SSL monitoring, other advanced features of site tracking.

Be the first to know when there is a risk of losing Google traffic

Get alerts to your email immediately if your site is down, important landing pages become non-indexable in robots.txt and meta tag robots, or HTTP status codes changed and vice versa if wrong pages become indexable.

Get the alert with reports in case of critical problems that can hurt your organic positions. Performance monitoring software with push notifications.

Learn about event types you never knew existed on your website

Your site can be changed by subordinates, freelancers, plugins, CMS platforms, and even hackers. You never know what is going on until you track code changes. Sitechecker will do that for you.

Web application for automated content monitoring. Reliable monitoring of code changes, for fast react in case it is necessary.

Measure the impact of website changes on its rankings

Use Rank Tracker to monitor site and page positions in SERP. Identify how specific page changes, like change of title, H1, description, or content, impacts rankings.

Check out how the site updates influence the visitor interaction and behavior or site position in SERP. Website monitoring service with dashboard to compare your keyword ranking progress.

Research the history of specific events or pages

Easy-to-use filters help you analyze important events and web page changes in a few clicks.

Research the history of specific pages with easy-to-use filters for analyzing in a few clicks. Research the history of specific pages with easy-to-use filters for analyzing in a few clicks.

Learn more about on-page SEO and content marketing tactics that your competitors use

Track the new pages that competitors add and the pages that they delete or redirect. Find out how they change titles, descriptions, and headings and which pages they are trying to improve.

Use the monitoring features, for competitors analysis for borrowing they advantage. Monitor your competitors to the history of their editing, site's uptime and downtime.

Join the 1,000+ businesses growing with Sitechecker

All of our clients are growing after we use the platform. For instance, our client Hospital Amazônia had a growth of more than 13.500 impressions from March to September.
Review about Sitechecker by Edgar Cardoso
After two months there were noticeable improvements in rankings and organic traffic. Backlink and Rank Tracker make it easy to monitor changes, but our website needed also regular SEO audits. We decided to run Sitechecker Audit once a week and it also contributed to the improvement of our results. This audit comes really handy and allows for quick and effective on-site optimization.
Review about Sitechecker by Sebastian Szydlowski
Before using Sitechecker our ranking was approx. #4 (mobile SERP) regarding the most important keywords. Now we are #1!
Review about Sitechecker by Pierre Breidensjö
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Site Audit is a static summary of your website's issues. Site Monitoring is a log of all events on the website. Many of them can be identified as bad or good only by you or the expert responsible for the website.
Sitechecker can’t protect you from hacking. You should use specific methods and tools to avoid that. However, Sitechecker has a unique website content monitoring feature that allows you to quickly detect suspicious code changes and ​​reduce the risk of significant damage.
Unfortunately, you can’t fix that. Any website owner can block bots from crawling their website in robots.txt, .htaccess, or other methods. Sitecheckerbot follows the rules of the robots.txt file; only verified website owners can ignore them.
If you think that Site Monitoring shows incorrect data, contact our support team via chat or email, [email protected]
We do not currently have Site Monitoring API, but you can vote for this feature in our roadmap.