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Mark3ting is a Montreal-based digital marketing agency with a focus on enhancing business potential and online presence. The company stands out in the competitive market for its ability to leverage existing marketing platforms and channels, correct inefficiencies, and maximize return on investment.

Their diverse services range from marketing consulting and web design to social media strategies, inbound marketing, email marketing, and SEO solutions. Known for fixing what others couldn’t, Mark3ting thrives on creativity and a client-centric approach to drive real, measurable success.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Sitechecker, Mark3ting faced several challenges in their SEO routine:

  1. Inefficient SEO analysis: difficulty in tracking keywords and backlinks effectively.
  2. Challenges in SEO auditing: conducting detailed SEO site audit reports and site monitoring in general was a time-consuming process.
  3. Cost effectiveness: the high cost of existing tools impacted the overall strategy’s cost-effectiveness.
  4. Client communication: generating client-friendly reports was not straightforward, affecting client relations.
Before Sitechecker, Mark3ting struggled with efficient SEO monitoring and analysis, particularly in tracking keywords and backlinks. Detailed SEO site audits were challenging, and the high cost of other tools limited our strategy's cost-effectiveness. Additionally, generating client-friendly reports was not as straightforward. Sitechecker has streamlined these processes and made report generation easy and understandable for clients, enhancing both our SEO capabilities and client communication.
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Jesús Robles
Chief Marketing Officer of

The Solution

Mark3ting’s adoption of Sitechecker provided a comprehensive solution to their SEO challenges, streamlining their processes in several key areas:

Areas of improvement

The first step in their journey was to evaluate their existing SEO strategies. This task focused on identifying the limitations of their previous tools, particularly in the areas of keyword and backlink tracking, as well as SEO auditing. This allowed Mark3ting to understand where their SEO underperformed and what they needed in a new tool to improve it.

Enhanced SEO capabilities and client communication

One of the most important outcomes of integrating Sitechecker was the enhancement of Mark3ting’s SEO capabilities. The tool’s user-friendly and powerful interface allowed for more effective management of SEO-related tasks.

Additionally, Sitechecker’s report generation made it easier for Mark3ting to communicate with clients. Transparent progress tracking enabled them to address each client’s unique SEO challenges. As a result, they could deliver more targeted and effective SEO strategies.

Strengthened security and efficiency with user permissions

A noteworthy feature of Sitechecker that Mark3ting found invaluable was the ability to control user permissions within the tool. This feature ensured that only the right team members had access to specific functionalities, thereby enhancing the security and efficiency of their SEO operations. It allowed for a more organized and controlled approach to managing their SEO tasks.

We evaluated our SEO needs and limitations with previous tools, focusing on keyword and backlink tracking and SEO auditing. We chose Sitechecker for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, offering an all-in-one SEO solution. Our team was trained in Sitechecker, enhancing our SEO strategies and improving client communication with clear, easy-to-understand reports.
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Jesús Robles
Chief Marketing Officer of

The Results

The implementation of Sitechecker into the SEO strategy of Mark3ting has led to a remarkable transformation in their digital marketing outcomes. The results are evident across several key performance indicators, illustrating the profound impact of this integration.

Amplified website ranking

A primary achievement for Mark3ting has been the notable increase in their website’s ranking. With a rise of up to 10%, this improvement signifies a leap in their online visibility. This rise in ranking is not just a number; it represents the company’s enhanced digital footprint and a more robust presence in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Resolution of technical SEO issues

The comprehensive analysis capabilities of Sitechecker have empowered Mark3ting to identify and resolve a multitude of technical issues that were previously either undetected or unresolved. This includes a variety of challenges related to links, HTML tags, and other critical SEO elements.

Addressing these issues has significantly boosted the overall SEO health of their website, ensuring that technical barriers do not hinder their online performance.

Site Audit issues improvements

Discovery of overlooked keywords

Another significant achievement has been the identification of over 50 relevant keywords that were previously overlooked. This discovery has broadened the scope of Mark3ting’s SEO strategy, enhancing their targeting efficiency.

By tapping into these new keywords, they have been able to reach a wider and more relevant audience, improving their content to meet specific needs and interests.

More keywords discovered

Doubling of conversion rates

Perhaps the most impressive result has been the doubling of their conversion rate, indicating a 100% increase. This leap in conversions is a clear indicator of more effective engagement with their audience.

It reflects not just increased traffic, but traffic of higher quality – visitors who are more likely to engage with the content, resonate with the messaging, and take desired actions.

Since integrating Sitechecker into our SEO strategy, we have seen significant improvements across various metrics. Notably, there's been up to a 10% increase in our website's ranking. Sitechecker has enabled us to detect and resolve dozens of technical issues related to links, HTML tags, and more. Additionally, we've been able to analyze and identify over 50 relevant keywords that were previously overlooked, broadening our SEO scope and targeting efficiency. Most impressively, our conversion rate has doubled, showing a 100% increase.
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Jesús Robles
Chief Marketing Officer of

The Takeaways

  1. User-friendly functionality: sitechecker’s user-friendly interface combined with powerful functionality offers a great cost-benefit ratio.
  2. Tailored solutions: the tool addresses SEO-related issues for each client, offering tailored solutions and transparent progress tracking.
  3. Security and efficiency: control of user permissions within the tool enhances security and team efficiency.
Our biggest takeaway from using Sitechecker is its user-friendly yet powerful functionality and optimal cost-benefit ratio. This tool methodically addresses SEO-related issues for each client, offering tailored solutions and transparent progress tracking. The ability to control user permissions within the tool is precious to us. It ensures that the right team members have the appropriate access, enhancing security and efficiency. This combination of powerful features, cost-effectiveness, and user management capabilities makes Sitechecker an indispensable tool in our SEO toolkit, allowing us to deliver high-quality, customized SEO services to our clients efficiently and securely.
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Jesús Robles
Chief Marketing Officer of
Mark3ting is a digital marketing agency committed to transforming business needs into tangible results through a blend of data-driven strategies, creative solutions, and over 10 years of market experience.
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Mark3ting achievements:
Discovered over 50 relevant, previously overlooked keywords.
Doubled their conversion rate, indicating a 100% increase.