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What is a Dofollow Link Checker?

A Dofollow Link Detector by Sitechecker is a tool to identify and analyze dofollow links on a website or web page.

This tool further facilitates verifying internal URLs’ status codes and scrutinizing their anchor texts. Additionally, it conducts a technical audit of your website, pinpointing and reporting any issues related to site pages. This includes assessing the impact and quality of pages.

The tool can help you in many ways

Identification of Dofollow Links: adeptly designed to detect and enumerate all the URLs on a webpage that do not carry the rel=”nofollow” attribute. This allows you to identify which URLs are potentially passing on page authority for SEO purposes.

Status Code Verification for Internal Dofollow URLs: check the HTTP status codes of internal URLs on your website that are marked as dofollow.

Identifying and Reporting Errors or Issues Related to Follow Links: geared towards identifying and reporting any errors or issues specifically associated with following attributes. This includes broken URLs, improper structures, and other related errors.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: This feature allows you to monitor all important metrics in a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard. This centralization simplifies the process of analyzing and testing new SEO hypotheses, providing a comprehensive view of your website’s performance.

User-friendly Interface: The tool is designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring that even those without extensive SEO knowledge can navigate and use its features effectively. This includes a clear presentation of data and step-by-step guides for addressing any identified issues.

Complete SEO Toolset: Provides a robust suite of SEO tools, encapsulated in two key features: The Rank Tracker, which imports and updates ranking keywords, supports multiple search engines, and offers insights on top-performing pages; and the Site Monitoring feature, which scans websites for updates like content changes and broken URLs, crucial for tracking CMS, themes, and plugins-related modifications etc.

How to Use the Tool

Step 1: To start the analysis, simply input the domain name or a specific page’s URL and await the outcome

Dofollow Link Checker

Step 2: Get results

The Dofollow Link Finder offers a detailed analysis of a website’s internal and external links. It reveals each URL and HTTP status code, identifying redirects or broken URLs. The tool also differentiates between ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ links, aiding in the preservation of SEO equity. Furthermore, it scrutinizes anchor texts to ensure they enhance SEO, which is vital for boosting a site’s search engine rankings.

Page Details Dofollow

Additional Features

The Site Audit section provides a comprehensive overview of a website’s SEO health, showcasing important metrics such as the number of critical issues, warnings, opportunities for improvement, and notices. The Website Score gives a quick visual representation of the site’s current SEO performance.

The tool identifies unindexed URLs incorrectly marked as ‘follow’, preventing misdirected search engine crawling. The tool also spots pages receiving mixed ‘follow’ and ‘nofollow’ signals, clarifying page equity for search engines. It emphasizes pages with limited ‘followed’ internal URLs, which could hinder their ranking potential. The checker additionally focuses on ensuring anchor texts for ‘followed’ attributes are descriptive, aiding search engines in understanding the context of the linked content. With these insights, webmasters can fine-tune their site’s strategy for better SEO outcomes.

Follow Links Issues

Final Idea

The Dofollow Link Analyzer is a comprehensive tool designed for identifying ‘dofollow’ attributes that influence SEO authority. It streamlines site audit by offering a unified dashboard for easy monitoring of SEO metrics, providing a user-friendly interface suitable even for those with limited SEO expertise. The tool’s extensive SEO toolkit, including Rank Tracker and Site Monitoring, assists in optimizing a site’s link strategy and improves search engine rankings by addressing issues such as unindexed ‘follow’ URLs and mixed ‘follow’ and ‘nofollow’ signals. The Dofollow Link Checker is essential for webmasters looking to refine their website’s SEO performance effectively.

The Dofollow URL Checker can analyze both internal and external "dofollow" pages on a website, including their HTTP status and anchor texts.
Yes, it can identify broken URLs by checking the HTTP status codes of URLs marked as "dofollow".
Regular audits are recommended, especially after major content updates, restructuring, or noticing changes in website traffic. Some prefer to schedule audits monthly or quarterly, depending on the size and dynamism of the website.

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