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What is an Agency Rank Tracker Tool?

Agency Rank Tracker by Sitechecker is a technical tool designed for marketing or SEO agencies that need to monitor and analyze the search engine rankings of their clients’ websites.

The tool can help you in many ways

Multiple Client Management: The tool allows the management of multiple client accounts under a single platform. This feature helps agencies keep their clients’ SEO ranking data organized and accessible.

Comprehensive Reporting: The tool offers detailed and customizable reporting features via PDF, CSV, Google Sheets files, and Looker Studio, allowing agencies to provide their clients with insightful data on their SEO performance, like keyword rankings, keyword tracking competitor analysis, and search traffic.

White label reports: Agencies can give their clients access to the tracker with custom branding options, so reports and dashboards appear as if they are a proprietary tool of the agency.

Collaboration Features: Include collaboration tools, making it easier for team members to work together and share insights within the platform.

Scalability: Designed to handle a larger volume of keywords, websites, and data points, serving the needs of agencies that manage extensive SEO campaigns.

Local SEO: Specialize your approach by focusing on specific cities or regions, which is crucial for businesses targeting local markets.

Local Multi-Ranking: Track and compare keyword rankings across several locations at once, providing a comprehensive view of local performance.

Keyword Suggestion: It generates related keyword recommendations along with search volumes, aiding in the refinement of content strategies.

Performance Insights: The tool evaluates visibility scores for both your overall site and individual pages, pinpointing optimization opportunities.

SERP Monitoring: Gain a detailed understanding of your query positioning across various search engines to fine-tune SEO tactics.

Key Features of Agency Rank Tracking for Enterprise Companies

Unified Dashboard: A central hub displaying key SEO metrics and data for multiple clients, customizable to highlight the most crucial information for each account.

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive, easy-to-navigate design suitable for both experienced SEO professionals and newcomers, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Complete SEO Toolset: A comprehensive suite of SEO tools, including keyword tracking, on-page audits, backlink analysis, accurate rank tracking, and competitor insights, allowing for holistic management of SEO campaigns.

How to Use the Agency Rank Tracker

Step 1: Enter the website’s URL

Agency Rank Tracker
To receive results and access to Sitechecker&apos features for 14 days, start your FREE trial. Sign-up is easy with your email, Google, or Facebook account. No credit card is needed.

Step 2: Add and manage keywords for tracking

You can quickly choose and start tracking your desired keywords through three simple approaches: obtaining keyword recommendations, leveraging data from Google Search Console (GSC), or importing keywords from an Excel file.

adding keywords

Make use of the suggested list of keywords that we will promptly create, considering the search queries for which you already have rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP):

Keywords Suggestion

To import keywords from Google Search Console, choose the “Google Search Console” option. Subsequently, a dialog box will pop up, prompting you to establish a connection with both Google Search Console and Analytics.

Connect Google Account

This permits our tool to import keywords from Google Search Console, along with your current ranking data, and seamlessly integrate them into your tracking list:

High potential keywords from from GSC

To include a set of your own keywords from an Excel spreadsheet, utilize the “Excel file” button. The tool will provide a user-friendly format that simplifies the process of adding a substantial number of specific queries for customization and tracking:

Import keywords from Excel file

On the side, you have control over search engine settings. You can specify your target and fine-tune search engine preferences, locations, languages, and device preferences such as desktop or mobile.

Locations setting

With everything set up, click ‘Add’.

The ‘Manage Keywords’ feature below enables you to categorize the keywords into groups and organize them by pages based on your promotional strategy.

Manage keywords block

Step 4:Result

The tool offers customized keyword tracking for different devices and locations, providing quick insights into keyword rankings and competitive positioning. Its features like visibility scores and indexation tracking enhance online presence visibility. The tool’s graphs help agencies track SEO trends and adapt strategies, while flexible reporting periods ensure client reports are aligned with campaign schedules.

Keywords Dashboard

The tool is a comprehensive solution for monitoring keyword performance over time. It provides a detailed historical breakdown of rankings, helping to spot trends and shape future SEO strategies. The tool’s dynamic date range selection allows for customized analysis to align with specific campaigns or reporting schedules.

With the ability to switch between Basic and Advanced data views, the tracker offers all levels of analysis needs, ensuring agencies can deliver nuanced, data-driven insights to maintain a competitive edge in SEO.

Keywords Ranks

Keep tabs on search volume, track current rankings, and observe daily ranking changes, all while examining SERP features and the URLs associated with each keyword. The inclusion of cost-per-click (CPC) data delivers valuable financial insights, aiding in the effective allocation of budget for PPC campaigns. The tool’s real-time SERP analysis also reveals which keywords activate SERP features, like snippets, offering a deeper dive into the search environment.

Keywords Functions

The Tracker Agency Tool allows users to monitor and manage SEO rankings for specific URLs. In the ‘Ranked URL’ section, users can view the targeted page and all associated ranked keywords. The ‘Manage columns’ option allows customization of the displayed data, including metrics like volume, position, and URL visibility, which supports detailed analysis.

Rank Tracker Pages

Additional Features of the Agency Rank Tracking Tool

Agency Rank Tracking Software offers a snapshot of keyword ranking performance, with a graph depicting the rise and fall of rankings over time. The color-coded lines represent various keywords, and a corresponding list of URLs shows where each keyword currently stands in search engine results.

Keyword SERP Statistics

The tool showcases a streamlined dashboard for managing SEO projects, with quick access to Google integrations and essential metrics. Agencies can efficiently create new projects and monitor their progress, offering a branded reporting experience for clients.

Create Project

Customizable Reporting and Collaboration Features

Export data effortlessly into PDF, CSV, and Google Sheets formats, or integrate with Looker Studio for customized reporting:

Export Share

Agency Rank Tracker allows for sharing access with others. You can add individuals by email and assign them viewing or editing permissions before sending an invitation. This function facilitates collaboration on SEO projects.

Share via Link

White Label feature

The tool offers a White Label feature that enables agencies to present reports and analytics with their branding. In this view, you can see an option to add a company logo to the report, ensuring that all exported documents carry the agency’s brand identity.

Boosta White Lable

This feature allows for the customization of reports with the agency’s logo, providing a professional look to all client-facing documents.

Final Idea

The Agency Rank Tracker is an all-in-one SEO tool for agencies to track and improve client rankings. It offers a centralized platform for managing multiple accounts, customizable white-label reports for branding consistency, and a full suite of SEO features. The tool provides keyword suggestions, performance metrics, and competitor insights, along with local SEO rank-tracking tools. It’s designed for collaborative use, allowing agencies to scale their operations and deliver targeted, data-driven results to clients efficiently.

Yes, the tool allows for seamless integration with Google Analytics and Search Console to import data directly for more comprehensive tracking and analysis.
Absolutely. The Agency Keyword Rank Tracking Tool includes site monitoring features that track the SEO progress of individual pages, including additions and content changes.
The platform includes collaboration tools that enable multiple team members to work together, share insights, and manage SEO campaigns from within a unified interface.
Yes, the tool allows you to customize settings to track keyword performance across various devices and search engines, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
The tool includes local SEO features that allow you to focus on and track rankings in specific cities or regions, as well as monitor keyword positions across multiple localities.

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