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What is a Broken Image Checker?

A Broken Image Checker by Sitechecker is a tool that helps identify broken images on a website that are not displaying correctly. The tool identifies all the status codes for images on your site, as well as provides information about the image URL, title, alt tag, size, and detects any errors related to the images.

The tool can help you in many ways

Detection of Broken Images: The tool scans webpages to detect Illustrations that fail to load. This could be due to various reasons, such as incorrect image URLs, deleted or moved picture files, or server errors.

Discover comprehensive data about all website images: includes a list of status codes for each image, along with details such as the image URL, title, alt tag, size, and analysis of any errors related to the images.

Identify Errors and Warnings: Look for common image-related errors such as missing alt tags (important for SEO and accessibility), and oversized images (which can slow down page load times).

Automation: Include automated visual element checking as part of your regular site maintenance routines.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: Offers a centralized view for monitoring SEO metrics and website health, with real-time data and customizable views for key performance indicators.

User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use with an intuitive layout, clear visual data representations, and guided actions for SEO improvements.

Complete SEO Toolset: encompasses site auditing, keyword tracking and analysis, backlink analysis, on-page optimization, competitor analysis, and the generation of detailed performance reports.

How to Use the Tool

Step 1: Enter the URL of the page you wish to scan for broken pictures

Broken Image Checker

Step 2: Get results

Our Broken Image Checker allows you to filter and identify pictures by their HTTP status codes. This means you can quickly spot and fix any visual elements that are returning client or server errors, which are crucial for a smooth user experience.

The dashboard also displays the size of each picture, helping you to keep an eye on load times, which can significantly impact site performance and user satisfaction. In addition, the tool checks for the presence of ‘alt attributes’ with each picture, ensuring that your site adheres to SEO best practices and remains accessible to all users.

The tool provides insights into the SEO-friendly title attributes of your pictures and confirms their visibility in line with your robots.txt file.

Page Details Images

Additional Features

The tool conducts a comprehensive audit of your website. Please navigate to the “Site Audit” tab to proceed.

The tool breaks down issues into categories: Criticals, Warnings, Opportunities, and Notices, along with a Website Score. It details the number of pages crawled and indicates how many are indexable.

In the context of a “broken image checker,” this tool could flag issues related to images under sections such as “HTTPS page links to HTTP image” and “Images,” with a count of occurrences. For instance, if there are image-related problems, they would be listed with a specific description, like “Add dimensions to images,” or “Serve images in next-gen formats,” which helps in identifying and rectifying problems with image display or optimization.

Furthermore, the tool segments issues by their impact on different aspects of the site, such as Page Speed, Indexability, and Content Relevance, offering a comprehensive overview of a website’s health and highlighting areas that need attention, including broken images. This is essential for maintaining an optimized web presence and ensuring a quality user experience.

Site Audit Images Issues

Final Idea

The Broken Image Checker is an essential tool for efficiently identifying and resolving broken illustrations, streamlining the process of maintaining website health and optimizing SEO. It provides a robust dashboard for easy management, detailed reports on visual element issues, and a suite of SEO tools to enhance site performance. This tool is crucial for ensuring your website’s visuals and functionality are top-notch, thus improving user experience and search engine visibility.

Yes, by detecting and allowing you to fix or remove damaged pictures, our tool can reduce unnecessary load times, enhancing your website's overall speed and performance.
Yes, the tool includes an automation feature that can be integrated into regular site maintenance routines, ensuring continuous monitoring and upkeep of your website's images.
Absolutely, the tool not only checks for damaged pictures but also evaluates "alt attributes" and SEO-friendly title attributes, contributing to your site's SEO effectiveness.
The tool checks for meta viewport settings, which are crucial for responsive design, helping to ensure that pictures are displayed correctly across all devices.

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