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What is HTTP Header Checker?

The HTTP Header Checker by Sitechecker is a diagnostic tool that examines the HTTP headers sent by a web server in response to client requests. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the headers for each page on a site, detecting common issues like mismatches in canonical tags, discrepancies in nofollow and noindex directives, and incorrect HTTPS redirect implementations. The tool also evaluates the use of canonical tags in both HTML and HTTP headers, offering detailed solutions for rectifying any identified problems.

How the tool can help you?

Displaying Response Headers: displays HTTP response headers sent by the server, providing information such as content type, server type, caching policies, content encoding, and status codes.

Detect HTTP Headers Issues: identifies issues within your HTTP Headers, such as mismatched or missing tags and directives. This includes problems like canonical tag mismatches, nofollow and noindex directive inconsistencies, and improper HTTPS redirects.

Provide Comprehensive Data on How to Fix Issues: offers detailed guidance on resolving identified HTTP Header issues. This includes step-by-step instructions to correct mismatches, implement proper tagging and directives, and ensure optimal header configuration for SEO.

Key Features of HTTP Header Checker

Unified Dashboard: Centralizes all SEO data and metrics for easy monitoring and analysis, simplifying SEO campaign management.

User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, making SEO tools accessible to users of all skill levels, including beginners.

Complete SEO Toolset: Offers a comprehensive suite of tools covering all aspects of SEO, including keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis.

How to Use the Tool

The HTTP Header Checker by Sitechecker is a user-friendly tool designed to analyze HTTP headers for both individual pages and entire domains. It allows you to easily assess and rectify common header issues, ensuring optimal website performance and SEO efficiency. Simply select either a domain or a single page to begin the scan.

HTTP Header Checker

Domain Check

Step 1: To check a domain, click on the designated button to initiate the scanning process

HTTP Header Checker Domain
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Step 2: Results

The HTTP Header Checker meticulously scans for specific HTTP Header inconsistencies, vital for SEO and functionality, such as mismatched canonical tags that can mislead search engines when determining a page’s authoritative version. It identifies alignment errors between nofollow and noindex directives within HTML and HTTP headers, affecting how search engines crawl and index content.

Furthermore, the tool checks the accuracy of HTTP and HTTPS redirects in response headers — essential for security and SEO — and verifies that canonical tags are consistently presented in both HTML and HTTP headers to prevent duplicate content issues, thus ensuring clarity for search engine algorithms.

Site Audit Header Issues

Additional features of the tool

Click on the “View all pages” tab to display all URLs of your site along with their configurations. To view the details of a specific page, simply click on the desired page, and a description of its HTTP header will be presented.

The tool displays HTTP response headers from the server, detailing elements such as the response date and time, content type, server connection status, and security protocols.

Visible key headers, including ‘Content-Type’ and ‘Strict-Transport-Security’, along with server details like ‘X-Powered-By’ and ‘Server’, are essential for SEO, security, and site functionality.

Page Details HTTP Headers

For example, the ‘Strict-Transport-Security’ header ensures that browsers establish connections exclusively through HTTPS, signifying a secure link. Access to such information is crucial for troubleshooting HTTP header-related site issues and verifying that the web server is configured for peak performance and adherence to security standards.

Page Check

Step 1: Insert your specific URL

HTTP Header Checker Page

Step 2: Get results

HTTP header checker tool examines the HTTP headers returned by a web server in response to a request for a specific URL.

This tool verifies whether the X-Robots-Tag is present in the HTTP header, which is a directive that search engines use to determine how to index and follow the content of the web page.

In the context of this tool, the X-Robots-Tag is an important element because it allows you to control the indexing of a web page even when other HTML-level tags may not be present. It’s particularly useful for non-HTML files, like images or PDFs, where the regular robots meta tag cannot be used.

Indexation Check

To fully comprehend the functionality of the HTTP headers on your website, it may be insufficient to examine just a single page. A more extensive review is recommended for a complete understanding. To do this, launch the “Run a full website audit” button.

For a deeper understanding of the tool’s capabilities after analyzing your domain, refer to the domain verification screens located in the initial portion of this manual. In addition, you can engage with the interactive demo project, which offers a hands-on illustration of the advantages the tool offers. Click the “Site audit button” to learn more.

Run Full Website Audit

Additional features of Page HTTP header checker tool

Examine the page navigation sections to identify any areas that could indicate issues or unveil further opportunities for a technical audit of the page. The tool aids in essential facets of refining content through analysis of titles and metadata, verifying the implementation of structured data, and assessing accurate search index configurations. Furthermore, it appraises the speed of the mobile site to augment the user experience.

On Page Seo Checker Page Navigation

Concluding Remarks

The HTTP Header Checker is a comprehensive tool for diagnosing and fixing HTTP header issues to optimize SEO and website functionality. It analyzes server response headers, identifies SEO-related problems, and provides solutions for issues like tag mismatches and incorrect redirects. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of SEO tools, it’s designed for both beginners and experts. The tool facilitates full domain or individual page scans and offers an expanded audit for a detailed assessment, enhancing content, data structure, and mobile user experience.

The tool can identify various HTTP header issues, including mismatches in canonical tags, discrepancies in nofollow and noindex directives, and incorrect HTTPS redirect implementations.
Yes, it can analyze headers for non-HTML files such as images and PDFs by checking for directives like the X-Robots-Tag in the HTTP header.
Yes, it provides comprehensive data and step-by-step instructions on how to fix all identified HTTP header issues.
It includes a unified dashboard for SEO data, a user-friendly interface, and a complete suite of SEO tools for keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis.
Yes, the tool has a feature to run a full website audit for a thorough examination beyond single-page analysis.
You can start using the tool by selecting either a domain or a single page to scan, and for full access to Sitechecker's features, a free trial is available without the need for a credit card.

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