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When surfing the Internet, you have probably already encountered the term IP address. Many users know what it is. Nevertheless, if you have not encountered this term, and you are just starting to work on the Internet, then you need to understand this topic. You will find out why an IP address exists, what its purpose is and what information this parameter can provide. In addition, we will tell you about a new free tool Domain to IP Converter, which will allow you to get information about IP addresses.

Thanks to our tool, you will know not only the exact IP address of the domain but also where the domain is located in the network. So let’s find out what you can use the free Domain to IP Converter tool for and what tasks it can help you with.

What is the Domain to IP Converter?

The question of who is the internet service provider for a domain is extremely necessary in some cases. With Domain to IP Converter, you will not only be able to find out the exact IP address of a domain but also other critical parameters of your competitors’ websites. Speaking of competitors. You will be able to find out which service provider they use and whether you would like to use them to improve your website too.

Domain names are used by users to find any website. We can also add them to bookmarks in search browsers. However, why do we need to know, and do we need to know the IP address of a domain at all? This information comes in handy if you want to know more details about your domain or someone else’s domain.

If you purchased a web hosting provider in your region or country, this does not exclude that it may be a reseller for another web host provider. This means that thanks to the free Domain to IP Converter tool, you can check where your site is actually hosted. Here is a simple example. Let’s say you register your domain in Austria, but your website will actually be hosted somewhere in Chile.

How to Use Website IP Checker?

Our tool will enable you to find the IP address of a specific domain name or website. It won’t take you much time or effort to work with the tool. In two easy steps, you will be able to get all the available information on the domain you are interested in.

Step 1: Get started by entering your URL and beginning a trial

Put your domain name in the box below, click on the “Start Free Trial” button, and you’re all set! No credit card is required – just log in using your Google or Facebook account to get started. It’s really simple and fast!

Domain to IP Converter Get Info by Domain

Step 2: Achieve the desired outcome

Once the domain scan is complete, you will get the results. Here you can see something about the IP address of the domain, like what country it is registered in, and what region, or city it belongs to. The organization information is included.

Domain to IP Converter Results

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Domain to IP full site audit

What is Site IP?

So, what is an IP address? This abbreviation literally means Internet Protocol. It is the original number that all devices have and is assigned to them when they connect to the network via any device. It is a list of conditions that specify the format of the data.

It is a mandatory parameter of any web connection process. Each machine receives a specific numeric combination, essentially its home address. IP addresses are allocated between hosting providers and government centers. Each of them then divides them up among their customers. Clients are users on the network. To find out your IP address, use Domain to IP Converter.

If you are not sure how original a site is or want to create a new site, use our tool. If you want to know where the server owner of your site is located, just enter the domain name into the Domain to IP Converter.

Types of IPs

Let’s take a look at the types of IP addresses.

IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

Then users concluded that the IPv4 protocol prevents the further development of networks. IPv4 is an Internet protocol with each value ranging from 0 to 255. That is a great choice for corporate networks. By the way, several devices can have the same IP, but at the same time, it will be unique for each of them in the internal network. In addition, the number of such addresses is limited to a 32-bit structure.

The last IPv4 was handed out in 2011 and led to the creation of IPv6. IPv6 has a 128-bit structure and 16 digits divided into eight blocks. Colons are used here instead of single dots. IPv6 addresses are longer and simpler because they do not contain extra information.

Static and dynamic address

A real dynamic IP address means that the address has been assigned automatically. Keep in mind that this address changes every time your device connects to the network. If you want to verify it with Domain to IP validator, you will see different numerical values.

A static IP, reverse, is assigned to a specific system. The provider sets it when you connect your device to the service.

Cases When Domain to IP Converter is Needed

And here are a few cases where our Domain to IP verifier tool can be useful to you. Check them out to see when the tools will be useful to you.

  • You want to know if two different domains are hosted on one IP address.
  • You need to determine the location of your direct competitors’ sites.
  • Not only that, but you will also compare hosting providers of different sites.
  • You need to move your site to a different hosting provider’s server.
  • Furthermore, you just want to know the IP address of your site.

Now you know IP address of your website, go ahead and analyse the issues on it!

Check not only the IP address of the website but make a full audit to find out and fix your technical SEO.

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Here is a detailed video by Tony Teaches Tech in which you can learn how to point a domain name to a VPS or server’s IP address with a DNS.

IPs are separated into several categories, each with scarcely additional options and goals.

  • links a user to a network;
  • permits creating FTP server;
  • allows using servers from an outward network;
  • is perfect for equivalent methods.

To get the full list of IP addresses on email, you need to use a special command line that calls the lookup. The .net library uses the GetHostEntry function to get the full list of addresses.
IP and DNS are ways of addressing namespaces for objects on the network. IP addresses basically show where objects are located, while DNS merely provides a name to the object based on some standard rules.
With Domain to IP tester, it is very easy. Enter the subdomain name into the field, and then you will get results with the site’s IP address, country, city, and region of the server.
You can define the IP address of a dedicated website using the Domain to IP Converter. To do this, enter the URL of the website in the empty field and click the blue button. You will then get a list of IPv4 addresses that are different from IP addresses due to the search.

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